chemin and iore again

in the original worldbuild, chemin leaps into a stormy sea to rescue him. it wasn’t his first heroic act, but it was his first purely selfless one, and i’ll try to keep that in mind while i change things up.

tonight is a darkov night but one day every night will be darkov night

chemin and iore are best friends. the former can barely speak and gets ill just at the mention of responsibility, while the latter is a knotted ball of various frustrations. they work, somehow. prince and prisoner and all that.

finished at last thank you very much

a porcelain doll



pen work doodle i barfed a lil color on. i HAD TO CELEBRATE SWIFTLY

watched one lina save a fantasy world, compelled to draw the lina who’s done it like 86 trillion times

havin a lot of fun w this design

xellos sketches