sketch request 5/5! ALL REQUESTS DONE, THANK YOU!

SMILE PRETTY FOR THE CAMERA, LAXUS. OR SHE’LL. PROBABLY INJURE U. or cry. we don’t know what’s worse.

so what if i just made space aus of every oc i care about what if none of my friends’ ocs were safe ever again

more space aus. space elves. space darkovs.

space au of dnd character it is NOT OK HOW MUCH IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS ALL DAY

this is the kinda stuff darkovs are bred to do

fight i mean. idk what alex thinks he’s doing breakdancing all over the damn floor

the kids who get the most focus in act 1 in descending order

i am trying to make sure i can convey their general personalities in sketches like these, especially in contrast to each other…too bad characters like alex are huge frickin flaky pains in the ass who can’t be genuine up front

maybe i managed to make him look like the jerk he is



gangly tall things, cute ain’t they

robbie!! AND A CAR………I TRIED

today i warm up with will from zap! he is my favorite next to reona. IT IS A GOOD WEBCOMIC AND YOU SHOULD LOOK AT IT